I recognized something in the crowds storming the U.S. Capitol. I’ve seen it — and them — before | The Star

Americans who have built their truth around Trump saw Wednesday as a moral imperative. — Read on http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2021/01/06/i-recognized-something-in-the-crowds-storming-the-us-capitol-ive-seen-it-and-them-before.html How many of these people are university graduates?

We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again | Time

After the attack on the U.S. Capitol of January 6th, Donald Trump and his seditious Congressional allies must be banished from public life. — Read on time.com/5927034/impeach-donald-trump-again/ This is an excellent summary of the misfit Donald Trump. The big question is “Why have so many Americans followed him?” That is the question that will be … Continue reading