How a Far-Right Militia Uses Facebook to Train New Members | Time

Ukrainian militant group Azov’s use of social media has been a key part of its recruitment and training tactics that led to global growth. — Read on How much have they infiltrated North America? How many are direct Trump supporters?

Trump called Georgia’s lead investigator and tried to get him to invent fake election fraud

Just a week ago, news broke that Donald Trump had called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and attempted to threaten him into “finding” enough votes to “recalculate” the results of the 2020 election. That blatant attempt at election… — Read on

We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again | Time

After the attack on the U.S. Capitol of January 6th, Donald Trump and his seditious Congressional allies must be banished from public life. — Read on This is an excellent summary of the misfit Donald Trump. The big question is “Why have so many Americans followed him?” That is the question that will be … Continue reading

Record numbers in Ontario

I strongly suspect the TBDHSC will soon have ‘farm out’ patient rooms into the community, ie, the LSSR Armoury, vacant schools, vacant public and private buildings, Lakehead University, etc. Similar moves may have to occur across the province if ICU numbers skyrocket.

Canadian military prepares to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution | CTV News

The Canadian military says it is making plans to play a role in the eventual rollout of COVID-19 vaccines nationwide. As positive news about potential vaccines continues to make headlines, there are already military teams “fully integrated” with the Public Health Agency of Canada on planning for what’s set to be a herculean effort: getting … Continue reading

‘A very dire situation.’ Brampton’s northeast corner tops list of 30 GTA neighbourhoods with alarming rates of COVID-19 infections | The Star

One in five people test positive for COVID-19 in Brampton’s hard-hit northeast corner, with “shocking” positivity rate even outstripping embattled U.S… — Read on The effect of ethnic enclaves with high birth rates and high regular social proximity.

As Trump Refuses to Concede, America Is Caught in the Middle | Time

The orderly transfer of power has been a bedrock of American democracy since its founding, and the consequences of Trump’s standoff are far-reaching. — Read on How much longer is the GOP going to do nothing?

Donald Trump lost, but Trumpism is still thriving. Could it take hold in Canada, too? | The Star

Whether opposition to global trade and immigration, or grudge-fuelled resentment of institutions and experts, the political forces whipped up by Donal… — Read on Why would you even make the suggestion??

Converted shipping containers help in fight against COVID-19 –

Seniors in care homes able to see family, connect safely — Read on Great idea!! Is Thunder Bay next in line?

Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Americans will choose between a gentleman and a maniac | The Star

Delawareans are proprietary about their Joe Biden, whom they’ve seen through Shakespearean grief and resurrection, now — on his third stab at the pres… — Read on Maniac is the correct diagnosis. See his history in the White House then think about it.

The return of Fake Melania Trump is a fitting end to this bonkers election | The Star

Rumours of a bogus FLOTUS are crazy talk, writes Vinay Menon, but wild theories are to be expected when no one can believe what the Trump camp says. — Read on Are we surprised?

President Trump’s stock market: Dow Jones opens down again – The Washington Post

Markets again opened down significantly on Wednesday. — Read on Trump just doesn’t get it. No wonder his businesses go bankrupt.