Donald Trump sold his supporters on a big lie. What happens if Republicans let it define them? | The Star

Donald Trump’s supporters tried to overthrow the Congress to prevent a new president from taking office. If a majority of Republican members of Congre…
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What a huge tragedy in the history of the American nation. To think that the bulk of GOP senators could be duped by this sociopathic paranoid narcissist. A little boy with a big (but fake) stick.

Opinion: There is method in Trump’s madness in trying to block Biden – The Globe and Mail

While Trump is aware he can’t reverse the election verdict, he knows he can profit from his treachery in attempting to do so
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How a sociopathic narcissist struggles with image and reputation, even at the risk of national divisiveness. Very sad. He is to be pitied.

How Trump Adds up to being America’s worst president – TL Hill & Associates

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation. …James Freeman Clarke This particular opinionated rant of mine circles the wagons on Donald J. Trump because as President he deserves to be more forcefully exposed for what he is: a sociopathic, paranoid, narcissist. This not a case of simply assigning him…
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