Making dollars and sense of replacing the CF-18 – Skies Mag

Making dollars and sense of replacing the CF-18 – Skies Mag
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A very good rationalization to proceed.

4-Day Workweeks Can Boost Happiness and Productivity – The Atlantic

Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: making American life less about work.
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This is an important and portentous article that points to the distinct possibility of a shorter work week plus work-from-home (WFH) or even hybrid (some days at the office, some at home) arrangements. The spin-off psychosocial and economic effects can only be estimated but will be real in their consequences. Stay tuned.

Many Ontario nurses are considering leaving the profession as pandemic stress leads to burnout, poll finds | The Star

Two large surveys of registered practical nurses paint a dire picture of the impact of COVID-19, with 40 per cent of Toronto nurses in one poll saying…
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This has been predictable for some time. Patient overload in unprepared hospitals is a root cause.

Nearly one in four people sent to Toronto’s detention centres in 2020 were homeless — the worst rate seen in years | The Star

At Toronto South and Toronto East, 24.4 per cent of new entrants had no fixed address.
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It’s hard to digest the societal shame this current photo engenders.

New study shows microplastics turn into ‘hubs’ for pathogens, antibiotic-resistant bacteria

New study shows microplastics turn into ‘hubs’ for pathogens, antibiotic-resistant bacteria
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Yet another argument to keep clothes longer or, better, to not wear them at all weather permitting. Nude body acceptance could finally become the norm.

What is the ‘orgasm gap’ and what can we do about it? | The Star

In the space of a century, we’ve gone from thinking about women’s orgasms as an important part of our overall well-being. Well, some of us have.
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Some good points given here. Times they are a changin’, and deservedly so.

Who should decide what you can’t say on social media? Debate rages ahead of potential government action | The Star

Some observers say these actions are long overdue. But there is also worry about the possibility of overreach
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We have a United Nations and a World Health Organization; perhaps it’s time for a World Communication Ethics Council. Independent of private enterprise interpretation of morality on the internet.

Now more than ever, Adam Schiff’s Midnight in Washington speech ranks with the greatest in history.

“Vote to acquit, and your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel and for all of history.” Do you hear that, Hawley, Cruz and 130 House members? You have tarred yourself as much as the Confederate traitors of the 1860s or the Bull Connors’…
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To the point. And prophetic.

I recognized something in the crowds storming the U.S. Capitol. I’ve seen it — and them — before | The Star

Americans who have built their truth around Trump saw Wednesday as a moral imperative.
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How many of these people are university graduates?

We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again | Time

After the attack on the U.S. Capitol of January 6th, Donald Trump and his seditious Congressional allies must be banished from public life.
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This is an excellent summary of the misfit Donald Trump. The big question is “Why have so many Americans followed him?” That is the question that will be written about for years by psychiatrists, educators, sociologists, political scientists and journalists.

One can only hope he will leave office with dignity and cooperation rather than contempt and violence.

COVID-19 has forced big changes on med schools. Will some newly graduated doctors miss out on key experience? | The Star

Students at Canadian schools this year have had fewer opportunities to see patients, attend procedures and explore specialties. First of two parts.
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Many issues have yet to be resolved for a smooth predictable curriculum and practice experience to pan out.

When Trump leaves the White House, will irregular migrants keep leaving U.S. for Canada? | The Star

‘Half of the country has voted for Trump and it shows who Americans are. It’s not a place for people looking for protection’
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The world has to stop seeing its citizens on the move as ‘criminals’ or third-rate persons. The UN and world governments must establish universal passports or laws allowing free movement of all people within this spaceship earth. It would be a first time political move of the highest stature.