Donald Trump, isolated and angry, has been defanged, but his poison still courses through America’s veins | The Star

The outgoing president was never the kind of politician who would accept defeat graciously and do the right thing for his country, Edward Keenan write… — Read on A very ‘sad and sick’ political pall has smothered the American democratic ethos.

Traditional stereotypes about masculinity may help explain support for Trump

Traditional stereotypes about masculinity may help explain support for Trump — Read on Now THIS is interesting, even more so because the press has never adopted this psychosocial stance in explaining Trump. Nor his mental health (paranoid sociopathic narcissist).

How a Far-Right Militia Uses Facebook to Train New Members | Time

Ukrainian militant group Azov’s use of social media has been a key part of its recruitment and training tactics that led to global growth. — Read on How much have they infiltrated North America? How many are direct Trump supporters?

Trump called Georgia’s lead investigator and tried to get him to invent fake election fraud

Just a week ago, news broke that Donald Trump had called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and attempted to threaten him into “finding” enough votes to “recalculate” the results of the 2020 election. That blatant attempt at election… — Read on

Now more than ever, Adam Schiff’s Midnight in Washington speech ranks with the greatest in history.

“Vote to acquit, and your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel and for all of history.” Do you hear that, Hawley, Cruz and 130 House members? You have tarred yourself as much as the Confederate traitors of the 1860s or the Bull Connors’… — Read on To the point. And … Continue reading

Pelosi calls for Trump’s immediate removal through 25th Amendment | CTV News

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday called for President Donald Trump’s immediate removal from office through the 25th Amendment, a day after the president’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an assault on American democracy. — Read on

I recognized something in the crowds storming the U.S. Capitol. I’ve seen it — and them — before | The Star

Americans who have built their truth around Trump saw Wednesday as a moral imperative. — Read on How many of these people are university graduates?

We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again | Time

After the attack on the U.S. Capitol of January 6th, Donald Trump and his seditious Congressional allies must be banished from public life. — Read on This is an excellent summary of the misfit Donald Trump. The big question is “Why have so many Americans followed him?” That is the question that will be … Continue reading

The Successor Representation, $\gamma$-Models, and Infinite-Horizon Prediction — The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Blog

The Successor Representation, Gamma-Models, and Infinite-Horizon Prediction Standard single-step models have a horizon of one. This post describes a method for training predictive dynamics models in continuous state spaces with an infinite, probabilistic horizon. Reinforcement learning algorithms are frequently categorized by whether they predict future states at any point in their decision-making process. Those that… The … Continue reading

Amid an uproar over cancelled tests, some say the body that oversees medical exams for resident doctors seeking licences is ‘obsolete’ | The Star

The Medical Council of Canada, a charity with $54 million in assets last year, is under fire as residents say the way medical education is run means s… — Read on The world routinely kept from the public.

COVID-19 has forced big changes on med schools. Will some newly graduated doctors miss out on key experience? | The Star

Students at Canadian schools this year have had fewer opportunities to see patients, attend procedures and explore specialties. First of two parts. — Read on Many issues have yet to be resolved for a smooth predictable curriculum and practice experience to pan out.

Record numbers in Ontario

I strongly suspect the TBDHSC will soon have ‘farm out’ patient rooms into the community, ie, the LSSR Armoury, vacant schools, vacant public and private buildings, Lakehead University, etc. Similar moves may have to occur across the province if ICU numbers skyrocket.

Organic meats found to have approximately the same greenhouse impact as regular meats

Organic meats found to have approximately the same greenhouse impact as regular meats — Read on The differences are negligible but organic is much more costly.