4-Day Workweeks Can Boost Happiness and Productivity – The Atlantic

Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: making American life less about work.
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This is an important and portentous article that points to the distinct possibility of a shorter work week plus work-from-home (WFH) or even hybrid (some days at the office, some at home) arrangements. The spin-off psychosocial and economic effects can only be estimated but will be real in their consequences. Stay tuned.

The Fitzpatrick scale: why it’s important to know your skin type | Patient

Do you tan easily, or start to go pink as soon as you step out in the sun? The Fitzpatrick scale could help you better protect your skin this summer.
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I think part of the secret to a protective tan is length of exposure time each day. A fair skin friend of mine tans very well for over 35 years because she does it slowly each year. No moles, lesions, psoriasis, basal cell carcinomas, melanomas have ever occurred. Interestingly, nudists/naturists have lower cancer rates than non-nudists.

Humans need protective sunshine for at least strong bones. And the psychological benefits are well known. See for example Dr. Aileen Goodson’s text, ‘Therapy, Nudity & Joy, Elysium Press, 1991.

News executives protest Trump-era probe with Garland | Entertainment | chroniclejournal.com

WASHINGTON (AP) — Executives from CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post met Monday with Attorney General Merrick Garland to protest the Trump-era Justice Department’s efforts to seize
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Who’s guarding the guardians of the guardians??