Opinion: In a disgraceful debate, Trump sinks deeper – The Globe and Mail

The debate provided more evidence that Trump is incapable of pivoting from his one-note, attack-dog approach. Polls suggest this will sink him
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Paranoid, sociopathic narcissist. No doubt about it. A rich but poor child in adult’s clothing.

The Collapse of Higher Education


The domino effect that collapses the system in a capitalist environment, starts at the student level. Debt and job loss creeps up within each educational system as it is forced to pare down at every level. Universities are rapidly becoming ghost towns.

Post Office Failed to Update 1.8 Million Addresses Ahead of Mail-in Voting | Time

As states prepared to send out tens of millions of ballots, USPS inexplicably stopped fully updating its change-of-address database.
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Is this borderline criminal behaviour?

Trump?s escalating attacks on election prompt fears of a constitutional crisis – The Washington Post

The president’s continuing threats have prompted election and law enforcement authorities nationwide to prepare for an unprecedented clash.
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Impeach him. Incompetence. Abuse of power. Derelict of duties. Lying. Putting himself first ahead of the country.

Bitter fight looms over filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on U.S. Supreme Court | The Star

On a highly partisan court, RBG’s death leaves conservatives with a 5-3 majority on the court, with only her seat to be filled immediately.
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To not respect her wishes would be a moral and political travesty. Trump needs to be impeached as soon as possible. He is mentally unbalanced as are apparently some of his henchmen. This failure to respect will bring on even more division and rancour.

Ex-Pence aide Olivia Troye says she will vote for Biden after Trump’s handling of coronavirus – The Washington Post

Olivia Troye, who worked as homeland security, counterterrorism and coronavirus adviser for Vice President Pence until August, said the administration’s response has cost lives.
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The White House is in turmoil. This brave person is setting a precedent other staff may readily follow.