Portland protests: One person shot dead following clashes between BLM activists, pro-Trump supporters – The Washington Post

The groups had earlier faced off along a highway on-ramp and on downtown city streets.
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Trump manifests mental illness in his incompetent approach to social issues, the Covid-19 pandemic, international relations, and the economy.

Donald Trump’s Republican convention: Welcome to the Grimmest Show on Earth | The Star

The U.S. president capped off a convention that was visually dark and fearful with an eerie finale from the White House lawn, Heather Mallick writes.
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Opinion: Trump makes his outlandish case for re-election: Me or the ’wild-eyed Marxists’ – The Globe and Mail

To win this election, an alternative reality needs be created and the Republicans evidently feel the electorate is uninformed enough, gullible enough, maybe even dumb enough to swallow it
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This is precisely how a sociopathic paranoid narcissist thinks.

Grabs for straws.

‘It’s not supposed to be about him’: Harris scorches Trump in prebuttal of acceptance speech – POLITICO

‘It’s not supposed to be about him’: Harris scorches Trump in prebuttal of acceptance speech – POLITICO
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And this is just the beginning……

How A Canadian Pilot Became The First Westerner To Fly The Feared MiG-29 Fulcrum – The Drive

With only minutes to prepare, CF-18 Hornet pilot Bob Wade was let loose in the cockpit of one of the Soviet Union’s latest fighter jets.
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Takes me back to my days in the RCAF.

Opinion: The prospect of a Trump election sabotage is becoming increasingly real – The Globe and Mail

The U.S. President continues to rail against mail-in voting, which could raise doubts among voters as to the legitimacy of the presidential election in November
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Impeach Trump. Decisively this time. He’s crooked as a pretzel.