Donald Trump’s Dangerous Attack on Free Speech Online | Time

President Trump’s targeting of social media companies is a direct attack on free speech and endangers the Constitution writes David French.
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Rising US job losses stir fears of lasting economic damage

WASHINGTON (AP) — The coronavirus crisis threw at least 2.1 million Americans out of work last week despite the gradual reopening of businesses around the country, stoking fears Thursday that the…
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The stage is now set for a structural revolution in America. Things will get worse before they get better.

World Unison Day!

At 12:00 EST (noon) today everyone joins together and sings and/or listens to, or thinks about, the song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

Let’s spread the word that we’re all in this together. We will then overcome health, political, economic and social hurdles that may confront us. Make Spaceship Earth a wonderful and joyous place as it travels forever throughout the Universe.

Trump Threatens Social Media After Twitter Fact-Checks Him | Time

Trump on threatened social media companies with new regulation or even shuttering a day after Twitter added fact checks to two of his tweets
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Examples of the end of free speech and entrance to fascism. If he were a reasonable and balanced man, none of the past three years events would have happened.

Canada’s military exposes ‘extremely troubling’ conditions in Ontario long-term-care homes | The Star

Military personnel serving in long-term care homes in Ontario have made “extremely troubling” discoveries about the treatment of elderly residents, Pr…
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Time for a revolution in LTC homes. Action must be taken now.

The pandemic has already altered how tens of millions of Americans can cast their ballots this year – The Washington Post

A largely bipartisan wave of changes to voting rules in nearly 30 states has been hit by political turbulence as President Trump ramps up his attacks on voting by mail.
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Another one of his obsessive needs to show irrational power.

Critical care doctor says the ‘inexcusable’ Ontario public health strategy is wasting the lockdown | The Star

Michael Garron Hospital’s medical director of critical care says the hospitals and others have sacrificed, helped buy time — and have been let down.
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The Ministry, the City, and the hospitals have to get their act together.