Can we eliminate the Bell Curve in IQ dispersion?

Confirmation bias is the rogue variable when differences of opinion occur, over the same observation (as statement of fact or extreme probability).

IQ is a general performance measure of overall competence and understanding. It is assumed that the higher the IQ the greater the chances of more accurate decision making. Or to put it another way, the more right reason, the more right action.

Some utopian thinkers believe through teaching conflict resolution techniques, more specific educational programming, ethics, and objectivity in communications – that society will be able to make each of us as ‘smart’ as the other (a flattened Bell Curve). That we can all therefore live in a completely harmonious society.

There are several problems with this admirable quest:

1. The complex nature of the evolving brain and its symbiotically evolving complex environment;

2. The injection of emotions into intransigent evaluations of the same phenomenon, thus creating differences of opinion from confirmation bias;

3. The intractable foothold confirmation bias has on most conversations (because no one can have perfect knowledge).

So until humans become morphed into ‘machines’ capable of inventing and solving all possible algorithms, and correctly interpreting all possible cultural experiences, confirmation bias will remain and prevent IQ flattening.


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