Canadian transit agencies seek more than $1-billion in emergency funds – The Globe and Mail

Coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate ridership, says organization that represents more than 100 Canadian transit operators
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Another example of how a pandemic causes serious multi-layered economic effects. Societies everywhere will have changed considerably in six months, economically, socially, and structurally.

Ontario has overhauled the way it’s reporting information about COVID-19, but one medical expert calls it ‘very superficial’ | The Star

The changes, rolled out Monday morning, now include a daily summary and an epidemiological overview of cases reported. The province has been under fir…
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More data refining is necessary to inform practitioners and allay public paranoia.

COVID-19: Closing Up and Staying Home on Spaceship Earth

Several authors recently have writen about the need for increasing medical solidarity among nations to reduce, and hopefully control or better, eliminate, the Coronavirus. Some have asked “Why does it take a potentially all-encompassing tragedy, for enemies to drop their political and military differences and unite?” This is of course, a profound question, given the still warring landscape among nations across the globe. The road to unity and shared resources to combat the “new” imposing enemy, is rocky and long, being fraught with clashes of values, ethics, and perceived strategies

Profound medical questions that infiltrate our thought processes without quick answers, (indeed answers that sometimes take millenia to sort out), are now upon us: How do we stop our citizens from dying as a result of this disease? How quickly can science find a cure? What medical resources, e.g., gloves, gowns, masks, and sanitizers, do we need to amass for hospitals and medical staff around the world? Who pays and how? Who pays for the spin-off effects of job losses, quarantines, travel restrictions, school and institution closures, and food distribution issues? Who guards the guardians of our health?

COVID-19 has forced scientists and the medical professions globally, to communicate as they have never done before. It has forced religious leaders to alter traditional assemblies of their church and synogogue congregations. It has forced inter-communication globally among political administrations of all stripes. It has forced the much-increased electronic inter-communication of travel agencies, of families split apart by geography, of sports associations, of suppliers of drugs and medical equipment, and media announcements about the closure of symphony orchestra performances,  community centres, local non-profit group meetings, and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

Never has the world been the victim of a viral pandemic of COVID-19 proportions. Millions may die. Most of us will live, given what we already know epidemiologically and our realistic expectations for a cure among laboratory scientists working 24/7. And ‘physical distancing’ is a key factor in curtailing the spread, along with many other protective measures. On the positive side of things, innovations by people working from home, are triggering new world-wide forms of buying and selling, banking, investing, skill training, medical advising, product purchasing, and K-12/college/university education. The world culture will have changed significantly after this disease is eradicated through tested vaccines.

Spaceship Earth is drawing a protective cover over itself, but time is of the essence. Every person is a Captain and crew member. Cooperation and compliance are fundamental guidelines at every level. Let’s all do our part.



Clothes or No Clothes, and COVID-19

Research today shows a connection between the virus and how clothes can harbour it. One recommended protection move is to shed and wash your work clothes when you get home, and then not wear clothes until the next day. Silly?


Of course, apartment dwellers might have a more difficult time with this concept, and suburbanites too. Owners of acreage-size lots and farmers? Not so much. (trees and fences work great!)

But there are other possible roadblocks to this virus prevention idea. Some that come to mind are:

  1. religious values that associate nudity with shame, sex, sin
  2. traditional family values about the human body
  3. strangers and non-sypathetic relatives who might randomly come to your door, etc.
  4. how many and how large are your windows (in principle, windows are for looking out of, not for looking into).

Nonetheless, if you can get away with it, or you are already doing this, or are a bona fide nudist/naturist, then a no-clothes homelife might not be a bad idea…at least until the pandemic has reached the bottom side of the curve. We have enough trouble as it is accepting the human body as made, so this idea, if it catches on, might alleviate our body prejudices as well as help keep us healthy (and make the world a safer place in more ways than one; but that’s another blog).


‘Least deserving’ Branson roasted as Virgin Atlantic seeks massive state-sponsored bailout despite not paying staff — RT UK News

Billionaire Richard Branson is coming under fire from politicians and regular citizens alike as the tycoon sought hundreds of millions of pounds in state aid for his Virgin Atlantic airline due to the Covid-19 crunch.
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So will you use Virgin again??

Trump Campaign Threatens Lawsuit Over Coronavirus ‘Hoax’ Ad | Time

The president’s campaign is threatening legal action against local TV stations over an ad that features Trump talking about COVID-19
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A loose cannon doesn’t shoot straight. Tarnish on the silver is a narcissist’s worst enemy. Trump’s bag of mistakes that will threaten or stop his re-election, grows now exponentially.

U.S. weekly jobless claims surge to record 3.28 million – The Globe and Mail

The pace of layoffs is sure to accelerate as the U.S. economy sinks into a recession
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Very bad indicators here of a disease not under control. Where Trump fails, others, including state governors, are left to pick up the slack.

Opinion: The plague of Donald Trump – The Globe and Mail

The U.S. President has demonstrated he is utterly apathetic to the suffering of others – and it’s time we believe him
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Truer words were never spoken. It’s a case of half a country being sociopathic with a narcissistic fool leading them on. A public conscience he (and they) does not have. The moral divide is widening. Very sad.

Militarization of the Police — Political Violence at a Glance

Guest post by Lindsay P. Cohn The COVID-19 pandemic raises important questions about civil liberties and the use of coercion to maintain order. In Italy, police are enforcing a nationwide lockdown, and in the US, police are involved in dispersing crowds and enforcing quarantines. So far, several states have activated their National Guard to help…

This phenomenon of merging has been around for some time, as in Canada for example there is ongoing cooperation between the RCMP and local and especially provincial police forces. Political violence is very rare in this country, so “militarization” as used in this context has little meaning.


via Militarization of the Police — Political Violence at a Glance

Governors and mayors in growing uproar over Trump?s lagging coronavirus response – The Washington Post

Many officials across the country complain that President Trump does not have a coherent or ready plan to confront a crisis that could soon push the nation’s health-care system to the brink of collapse.
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The political removal of Trump from office is more necessary now than ever before.

Madeleine Albright: Coronavirus Demands Global Cooperation | Time

COVID-19 is a reminder of a lesson we should have learned long ago: that, to thrive, people of every nationality must combine strengths.
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The essence of a Spaceship Earth blog I wrote last week, pointing to the imperative of collective action in putting world health above politics.

Former intelligence chiefs: Trump’s removal of experts is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety – The Washington Post

The president is pursuing a deeply dangerous path. This rout perhaps Trump’s greatest political blunder. His lack of insight, his stubbornness and his arrogance, blind him to making effective decisions in the country’s best interests. It’s another sad day.
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How Training Bras Constructed American Girlhood | JSTOR Daily

In the twentieth century, advertisements for a new type of garment for preteen girls sought to define the femininity they sold.
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The cultural imprisonment of women for purposes related to profiteering and sexism, having now made natural human braless-ness an evolutionary mistake. The sexualization of the female breast is a relatively modern phenomenon.

When The World Comes Together Above Politics: The Pandemic Response As A Very Long Chess Game

Spaceship Earth is grappling with the COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS pandemic in ways that have never forced international cooperation to the levels experienced in the past four months.

Epidemiologists, international health associations, Presidents of countries, airlines, religious organizations, media, drug companies, customs agents, WHO members, travel companies, health practitioner specialists, international sports associations, and economic organizations – have all shared their respective relevant resources and advice where they would not normally be shared. Millions of people are now talking to each other, with focus and the best of intentions. It is obvious that world priorities such as nationalistic values and military conflict have now been pushed into the background by the seriousness of a rapidly spreading disease that has taken thousands of lives. And a disease for which there is no known cure.

Like a chess game, strategic decision-making is crucial to achieving a win outcome. The cure unknowns are forcing testing labs everywhere to communicate ‘best strategies of discovery’ and  serum disbursement. How easily this disease transmits from one person to another presents severe problems of containment, with many delays in ‘catch-up’, best-mustered treatments. This massive problem has placed extreme pressures on hospitals for instance, to keep up with exponentially increasing demands on staff, available space, and hygiene requirements everywhere. In Canada, restrictions have been recently placed on patient visiting at hospitals, long-term care homes, transitional care units, and seniors’ homes, such as ‘one visitor only’ or ‘no visitors’. Visitors must sign-in and declare their state of health and country origins of recent travel before allowed entry.

Schools, community centres, libraries, sports arenas, colleges and universities, churches and synagogues, movie theaters, orchestral auditoriums, some restaurants and bars and so forth – have all been ordered closed. These instructions are not peculiar to Canada, but most likely in the majority of major cities and towns across the world. Politicians at all societal levels have made public statements about the actions they have taken/will take to ease issues of job loss, health insurance costs, food access, and at-home schooling. ‘Social distancing’ techniques for all citizen have been sent out on the local media, and hygiene signs in public washrooms have been installed as much as possible. Panic buying and hoarding has been greatly discouraged.

The recent stock market declines and business failures in the Western world, represent the extended effects of a pandemic of this size and unknown nature. Massive screening across the land is speeding up, especially for returning and incoming travellers, seniors and other most-vulnerable groups. Workers are being supported as of an announcement today for example, by the Province of Ontario if they experience unemployment and have to self-isolate or quarantine as a result of COVID-19. Doctor’s notes will no longer be needed.

So we currently have a ‘bee-hive’ of strategic decision-making at every social, economic, and political level within Spaceship Earth. Mis-information and wide-spread paranoia are two predictable features that are hindering this sharing of data, concern and resources. Meanwhile, we have more people showing up every day at ERs and ICUs.

Let’s hope researchers in every country discover a vaccine sooner than later. Spaceship Earth needs this win.