Intercity site selected for Thunder Bay cannabis store (2 Photos) –

Tokyo Smoke has signed a lease for a vacant spot in a strip mall.
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Body Acceptance From an Early Start

My parents first introduced me to group nudity in 1954. I was 10. My brother was 16.

It was in a large sauna at Gunter Lake between Madoc and Bancroft Ontario. My uncle and aunt took part, and their two daughters ages 7 and 13. It was the first time I had seen a girl with no clothes on.

Startling to say the least.

After an hour or so of listening to exaggerated fishing stories among the adults, and what fish taste best or put up the greatest fight, we quiet kids slowly mustered the courage to talk. Talking to cousins in the nude was not something that had ever entered my mind, but this new experience was an eye opener. The fact that there was no overt sexual overtones nor giggling or snickering going on among us kids, and that we took this invitation to learn that family nudity does not reduce to sex – was in hindsight a huge psychological growth experience for me. There was no shame attached after the initial discomfort had waned. Four naked cousins could actually end up sharing jokes in complete comfort and mutual respect – all within about 2 hours. Our age differences collapsed into a new group harmony we never had. Nudity was a momentary levelling of just about every odd value we each brought into the room.

Both families left the sauna with a new alliance, and no restrictions were placed on us kids as to who we could tell. This trust in our new ‘ethical maturity’ stayed with the four of us for the rest of our lives, as we became very close from then on. And it probably was natural for closeness to develop because my Mom’s sister had married my Dad’s brother. Both sets of parents were very comfortable with sharing their nakedness.

It was indeed a bold step for all our parents to take, and it taught us all that non-sexual body acceptance was not a formidable barrier to overcome at our age.

I suppose it had paid off when one of my daughters (both our daughters were taught body acceptance at a young age) reacted to a boy pulling his pants down in front of her in the the schoolyard. Her reaction was to yawn, and say “That’s boring.” Then walk away.

Chess for fun (and possibly profit)

I love to play chess. My highest rating was 2200, and my claim to fame (so to speak) was beating Fritz once. I’m now a young 75 years old.

There are literally dozens of interactive chess apps available on the internet. Some good, some not so good. My goal over the next 6 months is too create a teaching tool for elementary and secondary school-teachers that goes beyond moves and strategy, to incorporate historical themes (armies, kings & queens, explorers, equal rights heroes, etc.), sports teams, famous people, and animals.

I’ll get back to you in May, 2020. Cheers!

Rex Murphy: That wasn’t a debate. Nor was it national. It was tokenism, and feeble at that | National Post

The issues of this vast and highly differentiated country cannot be shoehorned into a two-hour shout fest, chopped down to nuggets
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Roosters randomly crowing that the sky might fall.

Christie Blatchford: Ballot offers few choices for Canada’s overlooked soldiers | National Post

It’s a hefty and potentially huge constituency, and yet defence/the military doesn’t even register as an election issue for those with such trackers
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This forgotten sector in the election process is not politicized ostensibly for reasons related to national security, but it may be time we all owned and took responsibility for our guardians through at least more public dialogue.