There is no ‘gay gene,’ major study concludes

There is no ‘gay gene,’ major study concludes
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This is psychosocially extremely important a finding.

The Empty Chair: Why Trump Leaves Behind More Than an Open Seat at the G-7 | Time

President Trump was the sole leader absent from a meeting on climate change during the closing hours of the G-7 Summit in Biarritz, France, but…
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Definite mental problems with logic, insight, and problem solving.

Retired Canadian found dead at his home in Mexico | CTV News

Mexican officials say a Canadian retiree who once served as an honorary consul in Mexico has been found slain at his residence in the Caribbean resort city of Cancun. Global Affairs has confirmed the death of a Canadian citizen.
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Not a safe country when you examine the number of homicides per year, given the population.

One maverick Liberal on ethics committee not enough to force showdown over SNC-Lavalin affair | National Post

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith voted against his party’s line. At first, the opposition members couldn’t quite believe they had lured a Liberal to their side
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Right reason does not predict right action. Entrenched loyalty can make the law look like an ass.

Rex Murphy: I accept and I disagree: Justin Trudeau’s amazing doublespeak | National Post

I’m willing to give the PM a break. It’s possible he’s got no apologies left. He’s simply run out. But I’m sure some new ones are on order
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A major ‘left side of the mouth’, ‘right side of the mouth’ problem. The issue is: Would he do it again?

Andrew Coyne: Conflict of interest the least of concerns raised by SNC-Lavalin affair | National Post

It was crystal clear that this pressure campaign continued long after the former attorney general told the prime minister (and his officials) it was improper, and should stop
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No hope for re-election now. Apologize to JWR and step aside.

Trump Claims Credit for Shell Plant Announced Under Obama | Time

President Donald Trump sought to take credit Tuesday for the construction of a major manufacturing facility in western Pennsylvania.
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More symptoms of his paranoid narcissism. And he’s ‘leading’ America. 2020 will be a definitive year in the electoral process in more ways than just choosing a new President.