Democrats’ New Plan for Poor Parents: Give Them $300 a Month | Time

A new proposal from Democratic lawmakers has a simple approach to helping lower-income families: Simply give them $300 in cash a month.
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Basically, an interim ‘poverty pension’ that might work if other resources are readily made available to them, such as job training, psychosocial counselling (if appropriate), life skills, etc.

A Close Look at Migration and the People Risking Everything | Time

There are now 258 million international migrants in the world, a reality of our increasingly globalized society that can’t be ignored.
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The world is changing, literally, as people move from country to country in vastly increasing numbers, for reasons mostly of “escape”.

This is a sad indictment of global politics, and particularly of the impotent role of the UN in facilitating re-settlement issues, not to mention its prior responsibility to ‘prevent’ forced emigration from its member countries. Increasing diverse populations is a real home policy conundrum for hosting nations who want to preserve their historical sociological identity at the same time. Or at least have time to adapt their institutions to this social change.

The right of refusal of entry stands as a major moral problem for some countries, in the face of large numbers of refugees seeking asylum. Often ethical obligations to accept are mitigated by internal socio-economic constraints, i.e., there just isn’t an accommodating superstructure to handle the size of the potential influx.

We need an effective world governing body for this spaceship earth, and it appears that the sooner the better is a must.

Against Teleology in the Study of Race: Toward the Abolition of the Progress Paradigm – Louise Seamster, Victor Ray, 2018

We argue that claims of racial progress rest upon untenable teleological assumptions founded in Enlightenment discourse. We examine the theoretical and methodol…
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Insightful, but not currently relevant to social policy, due to the degree of gene pooling through extensive miscegenation over the past 300 years. ‘Race’ doesn’t exist today, only ethnic-based discrimination. And all other forms of discrimination. Talking about “racism” perpetuates unnecessary negative stereotypes.