Wikipedia Fame and using our images – OUR NATURIST BLOG Body acceptance takes courage and persistence in a hostile society. Research show us how and why it works.

Casual nudity is not sexual nudity, a lesson society has not yet learned. Psychologists and sociologists have known this for decades.

Social Change: Unique Topics

One of the best descriptions of naturism is contained in the book Naturism: A New Dimension in Living, by W.S. Douglas, 2000, (Federation of Canadian Naturists:

“This unaffected association in the nude with others of both sexes and all ages creates an atmosphere in which status-seeking, contrived images and artificial assets are neither compatible nor worth the effort to maintain. There is a surprising honesty in the fact that, most of all, naturism reveals the true personality of the individual.

Much of this was critically observed some sixty years ago by a distinguished psychologist Howard C. Warren of Princeton University (USA). As part of his study on the body taboo, he spent some days in a German naturist resort, then wrote an essay entitled ‘Social Nudism and the Body Taboo’.

Among numerous other observations and conclusions, Warren wrote: ‘My observations, and the wider experience of others, lead to…

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